How Smart Doctors Get Their Website To Work For Them

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With evolving reimbursement requirements and increasing paperwork, many physicians struggle to find time to recruit new patients. Many healthcare providers are harnessing technology for an advantage over the competition. Today a digital marketing strategy is critical for medical providers. SEO copywriting may be the solution many doctors are looking for to attract new patients. Assisted conversions are the way many hospitals and medical practices are utilizing SEO copywriting to build more trust with potential patients.

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What is an assisted conversion?

Assisted conversions are often overlooked but are invaluable to the success of a website. These conversions refer to the interactions a user has with a site that contributes to the final conversion. Assisted conversions can be assigned rankings based on the goal of the action.

Understanding the purpose of assists

Most people don’t schedule an appointment right away after finding a new doctor. Finding a new healthcare provider is an involved process. Most people rely on a variety of factors: word-of-mouth recommendations, insurance considerations, location, and the quality of a practice’s website. This last factor is where most providers have an opportunity to shine. A recent survey showed 80% of respondents have researched healthcare questions in the past year. Think of SEO copywriting as having patients talk about you at a church social.  Providing valuable content consistently is a gentle way to convert a maybe into a yes when a person is trying to decide on a new healthcare provider.

Building trust with readers

SEO copywriting is more than just plugging in keywords. Instead, the technique is about building trust with readers to create conversions. When patients read authoritative health content on a doctor’s website, this creates a favorable impression. Content marketing and SEO copywriting are very similar, but good SEO content writing attracts more organic traffic through high-quality, keyword-optimized content. Other areas content writing will help physicians are as follows:

  • Attract high-authority backlinks
  • Improve E-A-T rating
  • Increase domain authority
  • Increase website keyword rankings
  • More clicks secondary to better SERP
  • Convert website visitors to patients

Getting a referral isn’t enough

Historically specialists relied on referrals from other physicians and primary care providers for new patients. With more healthcare choices in the hands of the patient, a dynamic website with authoritative content is vital. Before seeing a new doctor, the majority of people research the doctor before accepting a referral. Often this search is performed on a mobile device while the patient is still in the PCP’s office.

Not all sites are created equal

Over 80% of people perform research on medical conditions before visiting a doctor. Where are patients doing this research? Most often, people are merely plugging condition keywords into search engines. Websites containing this information will come up in these searches, but not all websites are created equal. The SEO and authority of the website directly affect whether or not a site ranks among those first few listings.

Building authority

Creating an authoritative website has many factors, but there are two key components to understand.

  1. Regularly publishing helpful, informative content.
  2. Making sure that content is search engine optimized.

Healthcare providers can find success through a strategic partnership with a digital marketing agency that excels in both areas.

Finding your ideal patient

One of the significant benefits of a blog is attracting ideal patients. For example, consider an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in working with athletes. Publishing blog posts with targeted keywords about sports injuries, expedited recovery times and advanced medical techniques will ensure that people searching for content on athletic injuries find that physician’s website. By creating authoritative content, that orthopedic surgeon gains authority in sports medicine.

Get started today

SEO copywriting is a niche. The best solution? Partner with experts in the field to start creating those assisted conversions. Using an agency will allow healthcare providers the time to do the most essential thing: care for those new patients.