Digital Marketing Today

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Digital marketing in today’s business climate can be influenced by several variables.  However, the primary component to a successful digital strategy is content; specifically, articles and images.  By producing unique, useful, educational content and partnering that content with compelling graphic images, a business owner can drive audience, engagement and build brand awareness, authority, and expertise.

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Provide Useful Information: Articles

Audiences in today’s marketplace are looking to do business with brands and names with trustworthy information and can rely upon as experts in their respective fields.  By producing unique, educational content that is optimized for search engines, a business owner can essentially engage in one-to-one marketing to prospective customers.  This practice is especially useful in the healthcare vertical due to the fact that potential patients are looking for reliable methods to vet healthcare providers expertise and legitimacy.  By providing content that addresses a patient’s initial questions or concerns, then the healthcare provider is able to establish an initial trust level with the prospective patient that will set the tone for a long lasting relationship.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Images

The English language idiom, a picture is worth a thousand words, was believed to be first used in 1921 in an advertising trade journal.  This principle remains as relevant and true today as 100 years ago.  The concept is simple: a complex, complicated idea can be represented using a simple graphical image.  By coupling compelling imagery with authoritative content, the effective reach of an article is increased.  Think of the social media channels in use today and how the use of images and video are now critical to the overall user experience.  By carefully curating images that correlate with the topics being discussed, a writer can ensure the desired content is effectively delivered and received by the audience.  Further, given the prolific use of image search on the larger search engines, an article potentially has a greater reach to intended audiences if the image associated with the article is attractive and visually appealing.

All Roads Lead to Rome: The End Result

Dating back to 400 BC, the proverb All roads lead to Rome was a reference to the Roman Republic and how the system of roads and transportation had the city of Rome at the center of the network acting as the hub for the entire Empire.  Literally, all roads led to Rome.  In modern digital marketing, Rome is the website.  All content and images posted to social channels are the spokes to the hub and should intend to drive traffic to the website where the primary engagement can be controlled more effectively.  The ultimate goal, of course, is to have the potential customer convert by contacting the business to engage in commerce.