Telemedicine: The Doctor Will Virtually See You Now

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Stay at home orders changed the way many people do business. Many companies have continued to offer workers the option to work remotely even with quartine restrictions lifting across the country. CMS, HHS and the CDC quickly provided guidelines on telehealth options for remote visits. These changes allowed physicians, hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers to continue communicating with patients and providing care and guidance when possible.

viralMD Healthcare In The New Normal Why Your Digital Presence Matters More Than Ever

How to communicate with your patients

With so many uncertainties and constantly changing restrictions, communication is paramount to existing and potential new patients. The question is, what is the best way to efficiently communicate changes in policies in a timely manner without overwhelming staff. The fastest way to do this is not just with a robust, secure website but with a strong digital presence on all social media channels and a current Google My Business page. Providing current information on a daily or weekly basis online will provide reassurance to patients.

When they look at you, what do they see?

If a patient is unable to reach a clinic via phone, the next place to go for information is the internet. Many would argue people are more likely to go to the internet before picking up the phone. When is the last time the clinic’s website was updated? Are the phone numbers and business hours current? Are ongoing updates and alerts about COVID-19 listed on the site? What about Facebook and Twitter posts? If these accounts haven’t been used in weeks, months or years, this can give the impression that the center may not be current with technology.

What to post on social media

Many people have chosen to continue to self-quarantine even as the shelter in place orders have lifted. With more than 8 billion posts per day, social media has become a resource for news and information for many people. Providing information about mask requirements, different business hours, whether a visitor can come to an office visit or how to reschedule an appointment is all great information to put on social media. But other posts that are equally reassuring are about medical awareness dates, helpful health tips and positive messages to encourage people that may be coping with more stress than typical.

What message do you want to come across

Whether a practice has been wanting to increase patient flow, update a website, create a social media presence or just needs an overhaul on an outdated brand, this may be one of the most critical times to make the leap forward. A digital presence is as vital as a clean and pleasant lobby and with telehealth and virtual visits, this may be the only impression a potential patient has of a new doctor. A vibrant digital presence sends a message of being current, technologically advanced and invites interaction.