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Meet Everyone

With a team of over two dozen writers, viralMD has a great staff and we’re very grateful to have such a talented group. All but one of our writers are stateside. At viralMD we believe in keeping as much of our resources in the US as possible. Our writers come from a variety of healthcare backgrounds with a combined 90 years of medical experience. Unlike many firms that hire English majors and college kids to do their content, our writers are board-certified healthcare professionals. Some of our writers work part-time to supplement their medical jobs while others are retired from healthcare and write for us full time. From physical therapy to RNs to military medics, having a staff that knows healthcare sets us apart from other companies offering content.

At viralMD we strive for perfection however as an equal opportunity employer we did hire a Patriots fan.  We keep this writer in our prayers on Sundays.  Our writers are clever, funny and bring greatness to our team.


  • Reading thesauruses

  • Crosswords

  • Research


  • Typing accurately

  • Using Grammarly

  • Creativity

Fun Facts

Most of our writers like football.

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