Financial Wizard

Meet Neal

As the financial wizard for viralMD, Neal has been with us from our humble beginnings. Neal’s experience includes business development, strategic initiatives, and M&A. viralMD is fortunate to have the guidance of Neal for business decisions, big and small. As a reformed investment banker, Neal has a ton of time in the trenches over multiple industries using his Wharton education and the MBA he got right in the heart of Houston at Rice. 💰

Neal is our quant. He moved to Texas nearly two decades ago and has never looked back. His kind demeanor and integrity are right in line with the Texas-based values viralMD prides itself on. When he’s not wrangling accounts, Neal is busy with his favorite hobby: making money. He loves to enjoy a single malt, a good cigar and a day on the golf course.


  • Aging Reports

  • Sports betting

  • P&L Sheets

  • Buffalo Bills 🙄


  • Making money appear

  • Juggling finances

  • Fast Payroll

Fun Facts

Neal does not like calculators.

Catch Phrase

Show me the money!