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Managing Partner

Meet Martin

A native Texan, Martin has lived in Texas his entire life and has called North Texas home for the past two decades. He has more than 30 years of experience in the technology sector and is a managing partner at viralMD.  Since 2005, Martin’s only focus has been web development and IT security. Martin was on the team that launched the original Verizon website so this isn’t his first rodeo. Martin’s previous adventures include tenures at some of the most successful technology companies including Dell Computer and Vignette. Martin comes at us with the buck stops here approach to business and his management philosophy can be most accurately described as extreme ownership.

Martin is actively involved in his son’s sports teams, is a hardcore Texas Longhorns fan, wears his boots to work and drives a pickup. Martin is all Texan and viralMD relies on his wife (and daughter) to keep him in line! Martin likes long walks on the beach, large caliber weapons, Texas bbq and low cholesterol test results. He thinks burnt orange should be the primary color of the universe.  In addition to running a business and a ranch, Martin is very involved in the community and is always quick with a helping hand.


  • Diesel Trucks

  • MacBook Pros

  • Coaching Baseball



  • Coffee

  • Chess

  • SEO

  • Breakfast Tacos

Fun Facts

Before the age of Instagram Martin started a social media company that used image based Puzzles. It was named CodePix and it has 1 active user on occasion.

Catch Phrase

fdisk brings purity and redemption.

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