Director of Digital Strategy

Meet Dianna

Residing in Scottsdale, Dianna brings a unique perspective on digital marketing to viralMD.  Through years of working in the healthcare sector, working with physicians, hospitals, clinical trials, and multispecialty groups, she has a thorough understanding of the medical world.  Her singular focus at viralMD is phenomenal digital strategy and extraordinary content plans. She creates best tactics for promotion, increasing brand awareness and creating a loyal customer base. As the main force keeping the content for our brands, Dianna is the backbone of viralMD.

Dianna lives with her Doberman Handsome Havoc who is aptly named.  She’s a former nationally ranked ProStar drag racer, faithful Dallas Cowboys fan, foodie and wine aficionado.  She’s published three books and was featured in several industry magazines when she worked on Wall Street. Dianna believes there should be a Constitutional Amendment outlawing the Oxford comma.  She is fiercely loyal and a force of nature. ✭


  • Total foodie

  • Stilettos

  • Passport stamps


  • Brand strategy

  • Word smithing

  • SEO Copywriting

Fun Facts

Dianna firmly believes glitter is a color and she always is wearing at least one heart. Her favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day. 💖

Catch Phrase

Kisses! Love You! Mean It!

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