Chad Sayler

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Full Stack Developer

Meet Chad

Chad is the oil in viralMD’s well-oiled machine. Chad has a background in computer science and states he never thought he would be working for a digital marketing agency.  The joke is on him because Chad’s programming and SEO expertise bring viralMD clients to the top of those search engine pages so he’s with viralMD to stay.  Whatever the task, Chad finds a way to get it done, fast and efficiently.  We are anxiously awaiting his cloning machine so we can have two Chads. Chad has been developing web content since his MySpace days and knows everything.

Chad has a giant dog named Bowser who is afraid of the dark. He is full of puns (Chad, not Bowser) and quick with a joke, usually a very lame one. His primary hobby is viralMD with a secondary hobby of sleeping for 12 hours at a time. Chad does what he wants. No really, he does. He is single and always looking for that perfect geek girl; help us hook Chad up.


  • Coding

  • Wrestling Bowser

  • Sleep


  • CSS

  • Backend development

  • Security

  • Fixing anything tech-related

Fun Facts

Chad states he hasn’t been on a date since the 1800s. 🖤

Catch Phrase

Did you clear the cache?

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