Discover how viralMD can elevate your patient engagement. Reach out to explore the potential of tailored, localized content marketing. Gain a competitive edge in the Scottsdale patient community and pave the way for sustained growth. Our capacity is limited as we exclusively serve one specialty per metropolitan area. We cater to physicians, hospitals, outpatient centers, urgent care facilities, pharmacies, med spas, chiropractors, and multi-specialty groups.

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Why Choose viralMD?
  • Healthcare Marketing Expertise: We understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing healthcare providers.

  • Exclusive Advantage: We offer specialty-specific geographic exclusivity.  No competition within your specialty ensures your practice receives our sole focus needed to dominate local searches.

  • SEO-Driven Patient Acquisition: We use keywords to ensure your practice ranks high in relevant searches. This methodology attracts patients actively searching for the services you offer.

  • Ethical Approach: We prioritize your success and believe in efficient marketing practices. You shouldn’t have to constantly outbid colleagues.

How We Help You Thrive
  • Dominate Local Search: Attract ideal patients with custom, SEO-focused websites and targeted content marketing strategies.

  • Own Your Online Presence: Increase website traffic, elevate search engine rankings and boost Near Me visibility with our expert team.

  • Multi-Channel Marketing: We create high-quality content, manage social media campaigns and leverage PPC advertising to reach your target audience.

  • Complete Solution: From secure hosting, website design and logo creation to social media branding and Google My Business optimization, we handle it all.

The Results You Deserve
  • More Organic Traffic: Our content marketing strategies attract qualified leads who are actively searching for your services.

  • Higher Search Rankings: Improved SEO positions your practice at the top of local search results, leading to more patient bookings.

  • Targeted Patient Acquisition: Attract the ideal patients seeking your specific services.

  • Enhanced Brand Reputation: A strong online presence builds trust and positions you as a leader in the Phoenix healthcare landscape.

Does your practice focus on specific procedures? We can help you attract new patients who are ideal candidates for your clinic. For instance, orthopedic surgeons often seek patients interested in robotic-arm-assisted surgery or total joint replacements. Plastic surgeons may want more patients for breast augmentation or facelifts. Similarly, OB/GYNs or reproductive endocrinologists can target patients seeking care for HRT, menopause or IVF. We help you reach the specific patients you want to see in your practice.